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  • How to make a leather bow

In this video i show you how to cut and make this cute bow

Fathers day Hot mess canvas

Hot mess Canvas Many of  you have seen the HOT MESS CANVAS on many Facebook groups You start with a canvas and paint it with different colors. ( I only used 2 blue and grey) these colors will be your design colors. This is also a fun project to do

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Cute Easter basket

Cute Easter basked ready within 5 minutes Wat heb je nodig? Glue  gun Basket foam sheets in different colors Funny eyes ( if you like it) Easter bunny cut file ( you can buy it in my webshop or make one yourself) Deepcut blade load te file in the machine make

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scanncut helpful links

List of useful links

Useful links for the cutting machine This craft is not only about being creative but also about knowing your way in the digital world. There for i made a list witch i will update when necessary with links you might find useful. Programs First and fore most there is a

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