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Candy Christmas Ornaments, Let’s get crafty🎄

Candy dome christmas ornament

These arabesque shaped ornaments are very cute. I added a dome to it so you can put candy in it.

What do you need for this ornament.

-Glue Gun
-normal Glue
-A craft ornament you can open so you have 2 halves
– The file you can find here

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This is what you need to know about your Blade Holder!!!

Blade holder settings scanncut
Blade holder scanncut

The settings of the blade holder on the scanncut are just 2 stickers which causes the known problem. That means you always hear that the settings are variable when you ask advice about a certain material you want to cut.

Because the stickers are not placed exactly on the same place on each holder. So everytime you use a new holder or you have 2 holders like i have for different materials the settings are different.

There is a just a simple trick to solve this. I made a short video so you can see exactly what i mean instead of writing it here and leave things to interpretation.

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Help Each other !!! Help me Help you !!!

I need your help to continue making tutorials 🙂

I love making tutorials and explore everything there is to know with this awesome craft. I would love to have a cricut and a glowforge and explore the possibilities with those awesome machines.

Also more machines mean more tutorials for a broader audience. Which means i can help even more people.

How can you help me ?

A lot of you already support me by buying my products which i am so thankful for .

Second you can if you aren’t already subscribed to my youtube kanaal that is free and if you would give a like to my video’s that would be even more helpful to spread the word(video)

Last but not least you can donate to my paypal. You are ofcourse free to donate as much as you want. I would really appreciate that.

In return i will open this post for commentary and you can put up your questions you haven’t found the answer to. Or you can request certain tutorials or topics about this awesome craft.

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Winter lantern

Paper winter lantern

What do you need

Cardstock paper

Double adhesive tape or glue

Gel pens if you want to use the draw funtion with your cut machine

Scanncut ( universal holder), Silhouette of cricut

A little light on batteries for inside the lantern

The lantern is made in 2 parts the bottom (everything that is black on the picture) and the top ( which you can remove to put a light in/ all the white parts)

We will start with the bottom

Put the adhesive tape like in the picture and stick the long sides together. Stick the 4 short sides to the black square. Now the bottom is finished.

Lets make the top now

Put the double adhesive tape on the white parts like the picture.
Stick the corners on the inside border.

Now you have the top. Now put the tape on the white snow parts. Stick those around the top border. Now you only have to put te white square on top. Now your lantern is ready to decorate.

The tree is drawn with the draw function on the brother scanncut. I used glitter gel pens.

The tree can be put on the corner of the lantern or at the side. The winter flower you put to gether by size and you can put it on top.

You can add your own decorations if you like of course.

I would love to see your creations of this lantern so if you post it tag wiccatdesigns or mail me a picture and i wil post it on my page.

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Halloween Candy bag

Fun candy bags to give for Halloween.

What do you need:

My file
Cardboard paper and coloured paper sheets.
Adhesive vinyl (for the text and the sealing sticker)
double adhesive tape or glue

My candy bag file contains 2 bags 1 with holes so you can close it with a ribbon and one bag without holes so you can close it with a seal sticker.
I have cut the paper bag with plain thin paper the same weight paper you use in your printer.
The decoration i have cut out heavier cardboard paper but you can also cut it from adhesive vinyl.

In this video you can see from start to endo how to put the paper bag together