Coloring Books and Notebooks

Craft Notebook
Craft notebook is a must have for crafter with a cutting machine.
Its small and easy to keep it with you so you can write all your secrets and important findings down.

This notebook is designed to put all your ideas’ in one place,but with dedicated pages that will keep structure in your notes and there for easy to find.

In this Notebook you will find the following:

  • Pages dedicated for your most important note’s 🔐

  • Pages dedicated for your for your craft ideas’ 💡

  • Pages dedicated for your settings with different materials, think of vinyl or sublimation time⏰

  • Pages dedicated for your shopping list of materials you need 🛒

  • Pages dedicated for your project to make with deadline’s think of birthdays,anniversaries’ or Holiday gifts 🎁Besides from dedicated pages you will find just blank lined pages