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Help Each other !!! Help me Help you !!!

I need your help to continue making tutorials 🙂

I love making tutorials and explore everything there is to know with this awesome craft. I would love to have a cricut and a glowforge and explore the possibilities with those awesome machines.

Also more machines mean more tutorials for a broader audience. Which means i can help even more people.

How can you help me ?

A lot of you already support me by buying my products which i am so thankful for .

Second you can if you aren’t already subscribed to my youtube kanaal that is free and if you would give a like to my video’s that would be even more helpful to spread the word(video)

Last but not least you can donate to my paypal. You are ofcourse free to donate as much as you want. I would really appreciate that.

In return i will open this post for commentary and you can put up your questions you haven’t found the answer to. Or you can request certain tutorials or topics about this awesome craft.

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