kid faces emoji decal, back to school mood stickers,


These stickers are perfect to decorate anything with a smooth surface.

Sticker size
Kids faces emoji availble in
1.5 cm /0.6 “only boys
1.5 cm /0.6″ only girls
1.5 cm /0.6” both boys and girls
2 cm /0.8 “only boys
2 cm /0.8″ only girls
2 cm /0.8″ both boys and girls
3 cm/ 1.2 ” only boys
3 cm/ 1.2 ” only girls
3 cm / 1.5 ” both boys and girls

The vinyl sticker will come with transfer tape on top of it. When you remove the transfer tape the sticker will stick to it.
That way you can place the sticker on the object of your choice. Then you rub with a plastic card or ruler over the transfer tape so the vinyl will stick to the object.
When you are sure you the vinyl sticks to the object you carefully remove the transfer.

How the stickers are made.

I love making these kind of stickers.
I would like to tell you how they are made. That way you might see that these stickers are not just stickers.
But that they are made with a lot of creativity, care and by hand.

I make my vinyl stickers with care. First i make a design. Then i make the design digital.
When the design is digital i can make it compatible with my cut machine. When the machine is ready with cutting the detailed work start.
I have to remove all the vinyl that doesn’t belong in the design.

Please bear in mind that orders are sent from the Netherlands which may add a couple of days to shipping times. I will always send orders within two working days but unfortunately I have no control over the mail.