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Cutting Normal Vinyl without a Mat on the Cricut Maker: A Tested Method”

If you own a Cricut Maker, you know that it is an incredibly versatile machine that can cut a wide range of materials. One of the materials it can cut is vinyl, which is great for creating custom decals, labels, and more. However, when cutting vinyl with the Cricut Maker, it is typically recommended to use a cutting mat to ensure clean, precise cuts. In this blog post, we will explore a method for cutting normal vinyl (i.e., not Smart Vinyl) without a mat, and discuss the basis of Smart Vinyl and how it differs from normal vinyl.

Cutting Normal Vinyl without a Mat: A Tested Method:

While it is generally recommended to use a cutting mat when cutting vinyl with the Cricut Maker, there may be times when you don’t have a mat on hand or you simply want to cut a small piece of vinyl without the hassle of setting up a mat. In these cases, you can try the following method, which has been tested with good results

While this method may not work for all types of vinyl or for all design shapes, it can be a useful option to have in your toolkit when you need to cut a small piece of vinyl without a mat.

The Basis of Smart Vinyl:

Smart Vinyl is a special type of vinyl that is specifically designed to be used with the Cricut Maker and other cutting machines. It is made with a unique adhesive that allows it to be easily removed and repositioned after it has been cut, making it perfect for creating temporary decals, labels, and other applications.

One of the key benefits of Smart Vinyl is that it can be cut without a mat, making it an ideal option for small projects or for cutting intricate designs. It is also very easy to weed, or remove the excess vinyl from your design, which is another advantage for projects that require precise cuts and fine details.


In conclusion, it is possible to cut normal vinyl without a mat on the Cricut Maker, although it is generally recommended to use a mat for optimal results. Smart Vinyl is a specialized type of vinyl that is specifically designed for use with the Cricut Maker and other cutting machines, and has the advantage of being able to be cut without a mat and being easy to weed. Whether you are using normal vinyl or Smart Vinyl, the Cricut Maker is a powerful tool that can help you create a wide range of custom projects.

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Winter lantern

Paper winter lantern

What do you need

Cardstock paper

Double adhesive tape or glue

Gel pens if you want to use the draw funtion with your cut machine

Scanncut ( universal holder), Silhouette of cricut

A little light on batteries for inside the lantern

The lantern is made in 2 parts the bottom (everything that is black on the picture) and the top ( which you can remove to put a light in/ all the white parts)

We will start with the bottom

Put the adhesive tape like in the picture and stick the long sides together. Stick the 4 short sides to the black square. Now the bottom is finished.

Lets make the top now

Put the double adhesive tape on the white parts like the picture.
Stick the corners on the inside border.

Now you have the top. Now put the tape on the white snow parts. Stick those around the top border. Now you only have to put te white square on top. Now your lantern is ready to decorate.

The tree is drawn with the draw function on the brother scanncut. I used glitter gel pens.

The tree can be put on the corner of the lantern or at the side. The winter flower you put to gether by size and you can put it on top.

You can add your own decorations if you like of course.

I would love to see your creations of this lantern so if you post it tag wiccatdesigns or mail me a picture and i wil post it on my page.

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Halloween Candy bag

Fun candy bags to give for Halloween.

What do you need:

My file
Cardboard paper and coloured paper sheets.
Adhesive vinyl (for the text and the sealing sticker)
double adhesive tape or glue

My candy bag file contains 2 bags 1 with holes so you can close it with a ribbon and one bag without holes so you can close it with a seal sticker.
I have cut the paper bag with plain thin paper the same weight paper you use in your printer.
The decoration i have cut out heavier cardboard paper but you can also cut it from adhesive vinyl.

In this video you can see from start to endo how to put the paper bag together

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Spiral Picture with vinyl or HTV

Spiral Pictures who hasnt seen them.

It looks kinda tricky but it isnt as hard as it seems.

It al starts with a cute an perfect picture

Spiral Betty is the website everyone uses to get their pictures turned into a spiral. Unfortunately you can only download a jpg file so you need to do some tracing.

You can adjust your spiral on 4 levels, how many spirals you want, you can crop your picture, you can make your picture lighter and darker and give it more or less contrast.

When you have adjust your picture you can download the jpg.

You can trace the jpg in Scal, inkscape, design space, illustrator and other programs that can trace images and turn them in to svg files.

For the scan n cut users i advice to put your file into fcm because that extenstion loads way faster then svg in the machine.

In this tutorial i used inkscape but i prefer SCAL that is my design program i always use.