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I got a request to explain how to use multiple fonts in 1 Design. Because I want people to understand i always go in to detail. A lot of people find manuals easy to work with but most people like to see how something works.

So I made a video how to create a nice text sign with different fonts in inkscape.

In this video, I do not only show how different fonts can be used but also how to put text with 1 click vertically or even underneath eachother. When you create multiple text lines, align to 1 side is also useful to know, I’ll show you in the video.

And for the ones who may already know how to use different fonts in inkscape but don’t do this because they always get get errors when the svg file is loaded in canvas I have the golden tip. Because before you save a svg file in inkscape that contains text, you need to do 1 more action. I also show this in my video.

And if you want to see the free fonts or bundles go here

Many look fun and show your creations!!!!!!

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