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Useful links for the cutting machine

This craft is not only about being creative but also about knowing your way in the digital world. There for i made a list witch i will update when necessary with links you might find useful.


First and fore most there is a online program that brother made Canvas. Here you can register an account and make your own designs as there are some fun projects.

Inkscape is a program that is free has far more functions then canvas and doesn’t need internet.  You can install it on your computer and make your designs offline.

Sure cut a lot  or as everyone calls it SCAL4 is the best program i have worked with so far.  It is very user friendly and can even export fcm files. But this program cost 60 dollar.


If you have files made with silhouette studio you can convert it with the link below to svg. You can only convert 10 a day

To convert pictures to svg you can use stencilgram. But illustrator, scal4, inkscape or silhouette studio can do it by trace


If you want to see updates from my store or freebies follow my Facebook page


De Font bundle gives a free font every week.

De Hungryjpeg gives a free font every week.

Dafont has also a lot of fonts for free but be aware not all are for commercial use.


you tube channel


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