Small Planner stickers, icon sticker, vinyl icons



Small decal sticker

Water drops, Music notes, period tracker, Chores stickers, Small Planner stickers, icon sticker, vinyl icons, vinyl sticker, nail stickers

Great use for

Zcon stickers, Small sticker sheets

The amount of letters

The sticker sheet contains 100 sticker in total.

The Size of the stickers

The icons are about 0.5 inch high

The icons are about 1 cm high



If this sticker is not the right size for you. Just ask for a custom order and message me the prefered sizes and i will contact you.
Keep in mind that price will be different for a custom order.

How the stickers are made.

I love making these kind of stickers.
I would like to tell you how they are made. That way you might see that these stickers are not just stickers.
But that they are made with a lot of creativity, care and by hand.

I make my vinyl stickers with care. First i make a design. Then i make the design digital.
When the design is digital i can make it compatible with my cut machine. When the machine is ready with cutting the detailed work start.
I have to remove all the vinyl that doesn’t belong in the design.

Please bear in mind that orders are sent from the Netherlands which may add a couple of days to shipping times. I will always send orders within two working days but unfortunately I have no control over the mail.

Nederlandse beschrijving

Muziek sticker, Taken sticker, Symbool stickers, water druppel stickers, vinyl icons, vinyl stickers, agenda stickers, planner sticker, vinyl icons stickers, vinyl stickers, agenda stickers, planner sticker, scrapbook stickers

Het stickervel bevat 100 sticker per vel
De stickers zijn ongeveer 1 cm groot

Additional information


Black, Blue, gold, Pink, Purple, red, silver, white

Small planner icons

Music notes, Water drops


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