Perfect fonts to use with your draw function

A lot of fonts seem perfect to use with your draw function on your machine, but when you actually use them you see that most fonts aren’t filled in. There is a solution for that and i will come back to it later in this post. It took me quite some time to collect fonts that you can just use with your pen without the need to get the letters filled. Also important to know is that it really makes a difference if you use the markers that come with the machine or when you use your own pens. I tested the fonts with the markers that come with the scanncut machine and i tested the fonts with a gel pen that fit in the universal Pen Holder. You will see that when you use a marker which has a thicker point to write with you can use more fonts then when you use a gel pen which has a really small point. Drawing pens scanncut Universal holder scanncut
Fonts written with the standard holder and markers
Fonts written with the universal holder and gel pen
As you can see in the pictures when you write with markers the fonts are perfect and there are no blank spaces. However if you look at the next picture where the fonts are written with a golden gel pen. I marked the fonts that where perfect with the gel pen as well. Font 1, 2, 8 and 9. The other fonts show small empty places. If you want the letter filled to give them the real handwriting look you can do 2 things. 1. is the easy way and color the letters yourself you can even do it with an other color which can give an awesome effect. 2. Let the machine color it for you. With the program Sure Cuts a lot also called SCAL you type your text and then go to effects and choose Line fill and use the settings like in the picture. Now you can see in the pictures below how the letters look before the fill and after the fill effect Below you see a list with the links where you can find the fonts some of them are free others are not.
Font 1
Font 2
Font 3
Free Font 4
Free Font 5
Font 6
Font 7
Font 8
Font 9
Font 10
Font 11
Free Font 12
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