Score Big Savings: Soccer-themed Birthday Money Gift Tutorial

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge. My son had recently a birthday party ( his best friends birthday) so i had the idea of combining his friend’s love for soccer with a fun and creative way to give money as a gift like he asked. In this tutorial, I’ll share how I created a soccer-themed birthday money gift using a clear plastic fillable ornament, vinyl, and a keychain. Not only did my gift recipient get a kick out of it, but they also scored big savings! And you get to using one of these popular cutting plotters.

Required Materials:

  • Clear plastic fillable ornament (available at craft stores)
  • Vinyl sheets in soccer-themed colors (black and white)
  • keychain (optional) you can also use a ribbon
  • Transfer paper
  • Money bills or candy (to fill the ornament)
  • Heat transfer vinyl

Step 1: Design Preparation

Step 1: Designing My Soccer Ball Pattern.

I started by making a simple soccer ball pattern. The pattern consisted of hexagons almost any design program has it as a shapen, just like a real soccer ball. I kept it small enough to fit on the clear plastic ornament.

Step 2: Cutting the Vinyl Next,

I cut out the hexagon and pentagon shapes from my black vinyl sheets, I made sure to cut enough pieces to cover the entire interior of the ornament.

Follow your cutting plotter’s instructions to load the mat correctly and detect the material.

Step 3: Applying the Vinyl

Carefully, I peeled the backing off the vinyl pieces and applied them to the clear plastic ornament. I smoothed out any air bubbles with my fingers

Step 4: Filling the Ornament

Now came the fun part! I decided to fill the ornament with money but you can also fill it with candies. I gently placed my chosen items inside the ornament until it was nicely filled.

Step 5: Closing the Ornament

Once the ornament was filled, I carefully closed the two halves together, making sure it was securely sealed to prevent anything from falling out.

Step 6: Adding a Keychain (Optional)

To make my soccer-themed money gift even more special, I added a keychain to the ornament’s hanging loop. And personalized it with a name using heat transfer vinyl ( don’t forget to mirror before cutting)

With this soccer-themed birthday money gift tutorial, I combined creativity and thoughtfulness into one special present. Whether it’s for a young soccer enthusiast or an avid fan, this unique gift is sure to score big savings and make the recipient’s day memorable. I was thrilled to kick off the celebration with a goal-worthy surprise!

For visual instructions, follow my instructional video available here.

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