Hoppy Crafting! Make Adorable Easter Egg Favor Boxes with Your Cutting Machine

March 3, 2024

Spring is in the air, and Easter is hopping around the corner! This year, ditch the boring store-bought favor boxes and create these adorable Easter egg shaped ones with your cutting machine (ScanNCut, Cricut, or Silhouette) and my digital cut file . They’re perfect for Easter egg hunts, parties, or simply adding a touch of springtime charm to your gift-giving.


  • Cardstock (pastel colors or patterned for spring vibes)
  • Cutting machine (ScanNCut, Cricut, or Silhouette) with compatible mat
  • My Easter Egg Favor Box digital cut file 
  • Glue stick or other adhesive
  • Optional: embellishments like ribbons, twine, stickers, or artificial flowers


  1. Download and Upload: Download my Easter Egg Favor Box digital cut file and upload it to your cutting machine’s design software. Follow the software’s instructions for uploading and selecting the design.
  2. Adjust and Cut: Adjust the size of the design in your software to fit your desired box size. Ensure your material selection in the software matches your chosen cardstock type. Place your cardstock onto your cutting mat according to your machine’s instructions and load it into the machine.
  3. Cut Time!: Click “cut” and let your machine work its magic! Once the cutting is complete, carefully remove the excess material from your mat.


  1. Fold and Glue: Following the design’s layout, carefully fold the cardstock along the scored lines. Apply glue to the designated tabs or flaps and adhere them to secure the box’s shape.
  2. Personalize and Decorate (Optional): Get creative! You can personalize your favor boxes by adding names, initials, or small Easter messages using a fine-tip marker or vinyl lettering. Decorate them further with ribbons, twine, stickers, or even small artificial flowers for a delightful spring touch.


  • Use different colored cardstock to create a variety of Easter egg-cellent boxes!
  • For a more durable box, consider using thicker cardstock or add a layer of double-sided tape to the seams before gluing.
  • Get the whole family involved in the crafting fun! This is a simple and enjoyable project for all ages.
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